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MMM Podcast Episode 2: International Travel with Small Children

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Yogurt, Asian style

Vietnamese Yogurt
I find this article on Vietnamese yogurt fascinating for two reasons:

1. I had no idea cultured dairy was a thing in Asia. I learned something new! As my dad says, now I can go back to bed. 

2. That water bath idea is genius. Here I’ve been leaving my oven light on all night! The husband will be thrilled. If you’ve had trouble getting a good set for your yogurt, try this! 

Also, it never occurred to me to use sweetened condensed milk; I realize that may be all you’re getting in some places. In that case, are you using powdered starter? Fill us in, ladies. Kids and I love yogurt, especially with a little vanilla mixed in at the end. 

Why missionaries quit

Missionary Exit study

I find this really interesting. Missionary care is so important! What is your organization doing to care for you? Do you want them to ask about your spiritual life, or does that feel like an invasion of privacy?

Make it Monday: Oat Milk

Make it Monday

Hi mamas!

We’re making some changes to our diets around here, and we’re not finding it so easy. Eating healthy is great. We love it. What we don’t love is paying for it. So for those looking for a dairy-free milk option overseas, I don’t think you can do better than this. You already know how much I love oats for gluten-free baking, but now it’s coming to the rescue for us dairy-free folks as well. Amazing!

She recommends soaking them and then dumping the water. That’s to cut down on phytic acid and make it easier to digest. If that’s not important to you (or you just don’t want to waste the water), you can skip it. If you’re like me, it’ll make as much difference as five minutes spent with the mountain of laundry you have to fold…that is to say, not much. Another recipe also mentioned adding cinnamon and vanilla, which sounds amazing and perfect for a smoothie.

Are oats available where you live? What food solutions are you pondering at your house?


We were *just* talking about this at a gathering for moms of little kids this morning…where’s that urgency and initiative when it’s bedtime, hmm?

Ten things to do with a mango

Happy Easter, mamas! It’s almost rainy season in Haiti, so the mangos are sure to follow soon! Here’s a little creativity for you so you don’t get too bored with them. Don’t know how to cut them up? Check out my previous post here!

1. Do a face mask: I haven’t tried this, but someone on TV recommended it with peach, and I bet mango would be just as good. I’m pro-DIY beauty. Mango face mask

2. Make a salad: This has been a fav of mine for a long time. Strangely enough, I believe I first tried it at a church potluck when I mistook the black beans for blueberries. It took me years to recover. If you can’t get salsa, try a little rice wine vinegar; it does benefit from a bit of acid. Mango Black Bean Salad recipe

3. Make sorbet: I love this recipe from David Lebovitz’s book, The Perfect Scoop. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, you could probably just stir it every half hour or so. Make sure you scrape the sides. Mango sorbet

4. Make rice pudding: I was served this once and it was soooo tasty! Sticky Rice Pudding with Mango

5. Dry it out: If you have a dehydrator, this one’s pretty easy. If not, you can put it in a low oven–try to cut it thin and evenly. How to Dry Mangos

6. Mango carrot peach popsicles: Peach and mango are really good together; the carrot is just an added nutritional bonus. I put two large, chopped mangos with a chopped carrot into a blender. I add about half a cup of peach juice. Coconut milk is also good and will make it freeze harder. Pour into a popsicle mold or ice cube tray with toothpicks.

7. Give it to your dog: I don’t know if my dogs are weird, but they can peel mangos and eat them. And it is very entertaining. See a video of my dog here.

8. Mango lassis: I first encountered these in Gourmet Today, and apparently, they’re quite popular at Indian restaurants. Mango Lassi recipe

9. Make cake: I stumbled on this gal’s blog, and it turns out she’s a missionary mama in Honduras! NEATO! She had a bunch of other mango recipes, too, so make sure you check out her blog, even if you don’t like cake. But if you don’t like cake, we can’t be friends. Flourless Mango Cake

10. Make curry: I hate curry. I would never make this. But that’s how much I love you, mamas. Maybe you’re normal and you love it. If so, here you go. Mango chicken curry

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Don’t ask why. It just made me laugh.

It’s okay, you really can.

Connect with other missionary mamas (or maybe just ladies)

Just found out about this–what a cool use for Facebook! Would you sign up for one of these groups? Yeah, it takes courage, but what do you have to lose?

If someone joins, will you report back and tell us how it goes? You can be vague.

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