I know there are a million of these on Pinterest, but they just didn’t do it for me. This is my own creation which you’re welcome to use, but not to sell. Seriously, though. I have friends all over the world. Don’t sell it. We’ll find you. 

I put mine under glass and write on it with wet erase pens. Which works great until someone helpfully “dusts” it…so it doesn’t hurt to take a picture of it for reference at the grocery store. I grocery shop on Tuesday (Hello, Discount Day!), so mine starts on Tuesday. If you need in the depths of your soul for it to start on Monday, just shoot me a note and I’ll change it and send it to you. I also included a version that’s optimized for black and white for those who don’t want to use their precious color ink. (I’m not being snarky. I get it.)

The right-hand column is probably self-explanatory, but just in case…

“Use up”: Stuff that’s going bad in my fridge. Cabbage and mangos are almost always on this list. I don’t know why I buy them, except that they’re cheap. We do eat them…just not quite fast enough. You know how it goes. This reminds me to push mangos at snacktime or make popsicles before they turn too black and no one wants to touch them to throw them out. #keepingitreal

“Make up”: Things to be baked, mixed, frozen or whatnot. Granola and chicken stock are both givens, but I sometimes add them if I’m afraid I’ll forget. Sad toddler wailing when there’s no granola is awfully hard to stomach so early in the morning. So. early. 

“Back up”: You forgot to take the ground beef out of the freezer. Someone stopped by and stayed until 4:30. There’s no easy takeout options, so…what’s your Plan B? Mine is usually spinach frittata, because I have spinach in my yard and there’s always eggs. But occasionally, I’ll throw tacos with beans on there. Canned beans…I know, luxuries, right?

Free Meal Planner <<<There you go. BAM. Meals planned, food waste prevented.

You’ve got this, mamas.