So one of my favorite things is thrift shopping. Not shopping, mind you, but thrift shopping, where the deal is the prey and I am the predator. Of course, there’s no thrift stores here, and no one selling clothes on the street is giving this mama a good deal. (Thanks a lot, skin color.) But that doesn’t mean I can’t still get cheap kids’ clothes: I just bought 21 pieces of clothing for my kids, including a nice polo for him and a nice dress for her for church, for $116, including shipping. BAM! 

And my favorite way to use ThredUP is for furlough: Two weeks before we go, I get on and buy my kids all the warm clothes they need and have it shipped wherever we’re going first. Then, instead of being overwhelmed by Target or Walmart instantly upon arrival, we’ve got the right stuff waiting for us when we get there. And two weeks before leave the U.S., I just order a clean out bag and send most of it back. Then I get credit for new stuff and I didn’t have to figure out who’s going to store it for me. 

If you’ve never tried it, you can use this link to get $10 off your first order:

I’ve also used Schoola, and I love the premise, but the actual clothes weren’t as nice. 

Anyone else have advice when it comes to kid clothes?