Whew. We had a close call here at our house last night…E was having trouble sleeping, and I came upstairs to find her toothbrush covered with anti-fungal cream. It turned out to be a non-emergency, but it sure didn’t feel that way. And I’ve discovered that I really didn’t know much about how to treat poisoning. I now have an app from Poison Control Centers, and here’s a link to their online diagnostic tool: https://triage.webpoisoncontrol.org

It would’ve been very helpful during my freak-out last night. (WHY do these things always happen at night?!) Lesson learned: I need to get some activated charcoal. They don’t always recommend it, but ER’s have it on hand, and apparently, ipecac is out of vogue (and therefore hard to find).

Make sure you’ve got the tools to keep your kiddos safe! (In other words, learn from my mistakes!)

You’ve got this, mama.