This method is recommended by my Haitian friends for “stringy” (cheap) mangoes. This method is recommended by me for all mangoes, because it’s easier. So there you go. 

A mango is ready when it yields to gentle pressure under your thumb, and they taste best when they don’t have any black spots yet. Cut a small slice horizontally off the bottom of the mango, so you can see the direction of the pit. I find that a serrated knife works best. 

Once I have that information, then I can slice along either side of the pit. 

You can sometimes get a little bit of fruit off the pit, but usually, I just squeeze it for the juice. The slices on either side is where most of the payoff is. 

Then I cut a cross-hatch on the slices (that’s a #hashtag for you cool kids). The little chunks can then easily be sliced off with a knife, popped off with your thumb if you don’t mind getting sticky or just eaten off the skin. 

That’s it! Now you’re ready to make sorbet, smoothies, jam, mmmm…we’re trying mango peach fruit leather in the dehydrator today. I am pumped. 

You’ve got this, mama.