Six Permissions Most MK’s Need

The last one was “permission to redefine significance,” and it really surprised me. It’d never occurred to me that my kids might feel pressure from within to be a missionary due to all the praise our ministry gets from others.

Did any of them surprise you? Did you disagree with any?

Happy Monday, mamas!


2 thoughts on “Six Permissions Most MK’s Need

  1. So glad you posted these 6 permissions! Michele has a wealth of information and thought provokers on her blog. I highly recommend it to all of you. I also have worked with MK/TCK’s and one of the things that really stands out to me is that the adults in the MK’s lives often never deal with or model their own grieving, so how in the world are their children supposed to know how to process their losses, which compound every time there is a transition or move?


    • That’s a good point about grief, Wilma. I know I tend to want to “stay strong” and keep it together for my kids, but really, they need to know that everyone falls apart sometimes. And how to pick up the pieces! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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