Retreat Opportunity for the Guys

So you don’t have to read this blog very long to know that I love some good self-care and a good discount. And when you put them together…you get this opportunity. Yes, it’s for your hubby, but it’ll benefit you, too: he comes back refreshed, renewed, and bearing Swiss chocolate. You’re giving it more thought now, aren’t you?


September 20-26, 2017

Traction is a 6-day renewal experience for men working cross-culturally. This week of restoration is all about helping guys navigate their roles as leaders in order to gain spiritual footing and momentum to move forward.  

It focuses on issues like:

  • Managing stress, isolation and opposition
  • Reconnecting with God
  • Cultivating the character of authentic leadership
  • Honoring God with our sexuality
  • Persevering with courage and trust in the face of challenges

The week includes worship, teaching, counseling, medical consultation, outdoor activities, and personal reflection in one of the most spectacular natural settings on earth! Individuals and teams are welcome.

Traction is led by Dr. Daniel Hahn of Catalyst Int’l, a ministry founded in 2004 dedicated to supporting Christian leaders in highly challenging global environments. Daniel and his wife, Lori, lead the annual Breathe Conference (, also held in Switzerland.

Cost of conference is $150 deposit plus 500 CHF (Swiss Francs). Due to some scholarship funds, we are able to offer the hubbies of Missionary Mamas a 250 CHF discount – so, total cost is $150 deposit and 250 CHF for 6 day retreat. YOU MUST MENTION THIS BLOG POST TO GET THE DISCOUNT. 





Daniel Hahn



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