I have a confession: I’m really good at beating myself up. Like, Olympics-level good. My kids were talking about Mother’s Day, and all I could think was “I hope they don’t spend any money; I don’t deserve that.” Is that true? Unlikely. So as an exercise, I decided to think of five things I’m doing well as a mom. It wasn’t as hard as I thought…and it sure felt a lot better than thinking about the Mt. Washmore situation in the laundry room. 
So here I go. 

1. I am feeding my family healthy food. They may not like it, but they’re eating it. 

2. I show respect for their dad. I’m actually pretty good at this one, even when he’s not around. If Dad asks it, we do it. Always. 

3. I model being a reader and read often with them. I love books and want to pass that love on to them! 

4. We talk about God often. I knew a missionary mama who did this so well, and by her example, I learned a lot about keeping God in our conversation “as you walk down the road.” 

5. I love my kids. You may consider it a given, but I’ve known some mamas who didn’t. It’s no small thing to love someone who can’t be convinced to stop saying “kaka” and won’t eat pasta sauce of any kind and keeps calling you by your first name. No small thing at all. 

What are you doing well? Will you courageously share with us? 

Happy You Day, mamas! You’ve got this (holiday).