This is a great primer on hosting guests. I would add a few things:

1. Write out your house’s guidelines. They’re going to be tired when they arrive and may not remember which water is safe to drink, etc. I also include the wifi password on this sheet, since most people have several devices they want to connect.

2. Ask about dietary and/or medical needs before they arrive. I’ve had several guests sit down to their first meal, only to say, “Oh, I guess I should’ve mentioned…” That left me scrambling! Others assumed that their medication would be available here. Asking sets up better expectations for everyone. It also gives them a chance to ask about appropriate dress, gifts for friends, etc. 

3. Make sure you provide your address and phone number for their customs paperwork. I also usually provide a suggested packing list with things like a swimsuit, a reusable water bottle, bug repellent, etc. 

4. Assure guests that you want to know if they’re sick. Americans tend to try and hide illness for some reason. Let them know that you probably have something in your stash that can help them. 

5. If it’s a long-term guest, ask about laundry and provide a bag or basket for dirty clothes. Some people are understandably uncomfortable with other people washing their undies. Let them know how to do it themselves when it won’t be a problem for you, or offer to throw their stuff in with yours. 

5. Don’t change the sheets until you know for sure their flight has left…with them on it. Just trust me on this one. 

And above all, enjoy them! Ask what God’s doing in their ministry. How has He been faithful? How has He sustained them in hard times? We all need to hear encouragement that He’s at work. 

You’ve got this, mamas.