Workarounds: Shipping Labels

Living overseas can be tricky. Especially when you just want to print a shipping label but the U.S. government knows you’re not in the United States, but what it doesn’t know is that your box is going to be carried to the United States tomorrow, and you don’t want to have to reimburse some kind acquaintance for an indeterminate amount of money and trust that they’re going to remember the address you gave them correctly.

This, mamas, requires what we call “a workaround.”

PayPal will let you print a USPS shipping label, and they don’t care where the heck you are. Pay for it, print it, affix to the package, DONE. That way, you can put it in your new friend’s hands, confident that the shrug you just spend two months knitting will actually get to your mom, as long as they don’t lose it or forget about it in their luggage.

The only hiccup might be that you have to also indicate the date you intend to ship it, and depending on how many stops your friend is making, it might be a while. Still, it’s probably better that entrusting it to whatever postal service might be available to you.

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