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Surviving Christmas Overseas

Some good thoughts here!


The Gift of Gethsemane

“Even though nothing we ever experience will come close to the pain he bore taking on the sin of the world, Jesus shows us that pleading for the bitter cup to pass is not faithlessness—it’s faithful. Acknowledging the excruciating cost of obedience is not rebellion, it’s honesty in God’s presence.”

The holidays can be so lonely overseas, and this spoke to my soul today. If you’re having one of those days (or weeks or months) when you’re questioning why you wanted to do this in the first place, this is for you.

The Gift of Gethsemane

Make It Monday: Sweetened Condensed Milk and Cream of Anything Soup

Make it Monday.png

Here’s a how-to for sweetened condensed milk, since I know many of you can’t just open up a can for this…and mama needs her coconut balls this Christmas.

And here’s the how-to for cream of…anything! Essential for that green bean casserole. And she’s right, a roux is really easy. You can do it, mamas. Don’t let the French fool you.

You’ve got this, mamas!


Removing the ‘mas’ in Christmas

Removing the.png

My first Christmas overseas was pretty depressing. I didn’t have kids. I didn’t have a tree (I taped ornaments to the wall in a triangle). It wasn’t snowing. I couldn’t even run my lights because the power situation was pretty bad. But I felt God tugging at my heart to really consider the holiday.

If you take out the “mas” (meaning ‘more’, in this case; I know where it comes from, don’t write me angry letters), you’re left with Christ. Removed from the commercialism, removed from the cold, what was left?


Advent still felt like home. So pull out your pipe cleaners, mamas. Here’s a plethora of advent activities, some for you, some for your kids…but all will help you remember that if that baby was swaddled, he was sweating, just like you.

Because of Bethlehem

Around the World Advent Calendar

Inscribe the Word December writing plan

Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Activities

The Spirit of Christmas Family Advent Devotionals


You’ve got this, mamas.

::jingle jingle::


Missionary Memoir Free This Weekend!

I read As Soon As I Fell this year, and it was not only an encouragement, but an exhortation as well. Her memoir as well as an Advent devotional are free this weekend–go snatch them up!

Kay Bruner’s book on Amazon

Friday Freebie: Seeds Family Worship

We love Seeds Family Worship at our house, so I wanted to pass this on. It’s quite catchy, especially considering the lyrics have been around for hundreds of years. My kids don’t even realize they’re listening to Bible verses. 🙂

Good stuff! One more thing to be thankful for!

Twitter chat update

So, y’all were NOT interested in this. That’s good to know.

No judgment here.

Would you be more interested in a Facebook Live thing, if I could figure that out? If so, shoot me a message on one of the many platforms that exist for doing so.


Things to give yourself

MMM Podcast Episode 2: International Travel with Small Children

Here’s how to listen:

-Right in this post! Just click play. You can also download it from here. (Amazing, eh? I know your internet stinks, mamas; I’ve got your back.)

-On Soundcloud. They have a nice app for your phone and if you add to a playlist or a station, you’ll always see when a new one’s posted (I think). And please, if you like it, hit like and share it! Let’s spread the word.

And if you’ve got more questions for me, don’t miss out on our first Twitter chat! Here’s the post on that, in case you missed it. 

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