Hey there!

Thanks for your interest in writing for Missionary Mamas.

Successful posts usually fall into one of these categories:

-How to’s regarding basic cooking or household skills that missionary wives might appreciate knowing how to do better.

-Encouragement on how to love their husbands and kids, including submission to husbands. We are especially interested in wisdom on loving our Third Culture Kids well.

-Encouragement on self-control, especially regarding spiritual disciplines like Bible study.

-Encouragement on kindness and purity, especially cross-culturally. The specifics will obviously vary by geographic region, but there’s benefit in hearing how others have dealt with the difficulties.

-Stories of perseverance through trial. These should be transparent and genuine, not boasting about how darn awesome you are (since we already knew that).

-Funny stories. You know, like the time your English student asked you what time of day Americans prefer to have sex. (Hee hee.)

Posts should be fairly short (around 1,000 words max) and written without patronizing the reader, even if the subject is basic. The tone is casual, but the grammar should be flawless. And above all, it must be from the heart. Please include a basic bio that tells a bit about who you are, where you serve or served, etc. For those in restricted access countries, a pseudonym can be assigned.

Please use the contact form below to submit a proposed post. We look forward to reading your writing!


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