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A few minutes for mama

To-do’s and ta-da’s

Attainable goals, mamas! Self care counts!

Heard a great thing this week: we’ve all got “to-do” lists, but what about “ta-da” lists? Can you make a list of all the meaningful stuff you did, all the times you played megablocks, the times you let yourself be interrupted to have a conversation with a neighbor, the nights you spend working for the family instead of goofing off…I look at all that and say, “Ta-da! Look what I did!” Cheer yourself on! Give yourself a little pat on the back for those small choices; they add up to glory.

Happy weekend. 🙂


Freebie Friday: Wake Up Your Soul

Here’s a nice ten-day plan to take life a little slower…I know that’s sometimes easier in the summer, so feel free to tuck this away for December.

This resource is from 10 / 10 Ministries, who also does counseling and retreats for ministry leaders.

A Few Minutes for Mama: Coloring pages



I have a secret…I can’t draw. So whenever my kids want me to color with them, I kind of wince. I do it, I do draw. I can draw the sun…and flowers. That’s kind of my wheelhouse. But for Christmas, I bought myself an adult coloring book…and gee, that made coloring with the kiddos a lot more fun! (I even color without them sometimes…so I guess I have two secrets. Until now.)

As I learned at my burnout seminar, which you’ll be sick of hearing about soon enough, doing a little every day to care for yourself is the way to keep emotional distress at bay. So go color something already. Here’s some free printable coloring to get you started!

And if you don’t like these, there’s a bunch more on Pinterest.

You’ve got this, mama.

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