How do I…get rid of fruit flies?

When you add a warm, humid environment, a tiny fridge, and lots of fresh fruit on the counter, what do you get?

Fruit flies!

At least, that’s what I got.


But the good news is that building a fruit fly trap is easy and cheap, and it can quickly get the situation under control.

First, find an empty container you don’t mind getting rid of. Jars with a lip work better for reasons that will soon be revealed. Now go find some fruit you don’t mind getting rid of–the older, the better. I get good results with the peels of fruit–especially bananas and mangos. Drop them in the bottom of the jar.


Next, find yourself some plastic wrap (ideal) or a paper towel or thin piece of cloth (less ideal). Cover the top of the jar and secure with a rubber band or a piece of string.


With something sharp like a kebab skewer or an ice pick, make three small holes in the top. These should be about the size of the head of a pin.

Put the trap where you usually see the fruit flies, and try to get rid of anything else they’re interested in by putting it under a bowl or a towel. Or you could eat it. Hey, you should eat it!


Anywho, go ahead and forget about it for about two days, and you should start seeing an improvement in the problem. Don’t be cruel like me and let your kids taunt the flies and shake the jar to hear them angrily buzzing at us. (Ha! We trapped you! You’re going in the trash, you dumb flies!)

You’ve got this, mamas.