Who’s your everything?

man and woman kissing

Photo by Michael Morse on Pexels.com

“I had placed my husband on a pedestal where he never belonged, a pedestal that required perfection. Though my husband is called to be like Jesus, he isn’t Jesus. I can’t look to my husband for everything, my everything is Jesus and he supplies my every need in himself.”

Confusing Christ-likeness with Christ

This article is about dating relationships, but I think there’s a lot to consider here. Do we expect our husbands to be immediately fit for a role they’re still learning? Are we expecting perfection instead of progress? And think about his role as a father–do things always have to be your way, or does he get to have a “way,” too? Are you giving him space to work out his role in the household, or correcting/discouraging/nitpicking him?

Happy Monday, mamas.