Language learning for kids

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Since this is something I never mastered (heck, I never got them to say more than “hi,” “how are you,” and “goodbye”), I thought I’d throw this up here, especially since they seem to be running an awesome discount right now:

Bonne chance maman! Vous avez ça.

Summer Sanity Saver: Summer Book Bingo!

So I don’t know about your schools, but ours were encouraging summer reading. And by encouraging, I mean throwing scary statistics at us about AVERAGE CAPABILITY LOSS and SKILL RETENTION as educators are wont to do. (I’m a teacher, I can say that. It’s said with love.)

But that’s not my style. So I made you a bingo card! My intention was that you mark off books that fit each category: a book with a popsicle in it, a book with a red cover. But you know what? You could just play it as a game with your co-workers or with your kids and revel in those lovely summer words. See who can get five in a row first or play to blackout. Get creative!

Here’s the version for people who need to conserve ink (black and white):

And here’s the version for people who want it to look fancy-shmancy and to heck with their printing budget:

Worried about finding books with all these things? Don’t be. If you have a library card, you should be able to check out books through Overdrive or another ebook service and put them on any tablet or computer, anywhere in the world.

Or here’s another printable that’s more about where you read than what:

You’ve got this, mamas.

Summer Sanity Savers: Kid workout

This was such a fun workout! I’d never thought of incorporating “Red Light, Green Light” into a workout, but it really kept them more interested. No equipment needed, so throw this on when they get squirrely!


You’ve got this summer, mamas. And to make sure, I’ll gonna put a link to all these “sanity savers” in the menu at the top, just so you can find them in a pinch…we. will. get. through. this. together.

Make it Monday: Playdough

Make it Monday

Ten different playdough recipes

Making your own playdough is so. darn. easy, mamas, you’ll wonder why you ever bought it. (And it smells way better, too.) Still don’t believe me? I made you a little video below to show you how simple it is…and seriously, the hardest part was not letting the pot slide off the stove since I could only use one hand.

This is the best recipe in the universe (go ahead, fight me):

1 C Flour
1 C Water
1/4 C Salt
1 T Vegetable Oil
2 t Cream of Tarter
Food Coloring (4 drops)
Sauce Pan and Wooden Spoon
Directions (Cook all ingredients on the stove)
1- Pour all ingredients into a saucepan. The order does not matter.
2- Stir until everything is mixed well.
3- Once the mixture is mostly clump-free, heat over medium heat.
4- Stir and keep stirring, after a few minutes it will start to clump up.
5- Stir until one big clump is formed and remove from heat.
6- Knead by hand.



It’s so pretty.
When it’s cool, I usually add essential oils (peppermint and lavender are both favorites at our house). Nothing says “re-claim your chill” like smashing lavender playdough between your fingers and deep breaths. You may want to skip this if your kids are still in the “let’s see what THIS tastes like” stage; the rest of the ingredients would be safe to ingest. Salty, but safe.
And the best part? If *someone* forgets to put it away, I’ve brought it back to life the next morning with a little more oil mixed into it. You show me a store-bought playdough that can do that, and I’ll eat my words. But (spoiler alert) you won’t be able to.
If you’ve got celiac folks in the house, try this recipe. I haven’t tested it, but if you do, let us know how it goes!
If you haven’t heard of playdough mats, here’s a post to get you started, but mamas, Pinterest is full of that goodness. Go get it.
Happy Monday!
You’ve got this.

Freebie Friday: Free Apps for Kids


I stumbled across this a while back, and we’ve gotten some really fun apps this way! Okay, so I save them up for travel days and then I say, “HEY, stop crying on airplanes, LOOK, it’s a NEW GAME.” The only catch is that they’re usually only free today, so get ’em downloading soon, since you know it’s going to take forever. (Can I get an amen?)

Happy Friday! You made it through the week!

Smart Apps for Kids Free App Friday




Friday Freebie: Printable Valentines


I don’t know where I learned about it, but someone got me hooked on Sermon Bingo as a kid. You’d write the alphabet in the margin of the bulletin vertically, and then you had to go through in order and try to fill in words from A to Z. (I always prayed for the minor prophets to be mentioned–they’re lousy with Z’s.)

If your kids are smaller, you might appreciate this week’s freebie: listening pages. Same idea, except they give you the words to listen for and you tally them up. She even had some for non-readers with pictures next to them…we might have to give that a try! I might even get out my laminator so I don’t have to print them every week…plus, who doesn’t love using Mom’s special pens?

You’ve got this, mama.