To-do’s and ta-da’s

Attainable goals, mamas! Self care counts!

Heard a great thing this week: we’ve all got “to-do” lists, but what about “ta-da” lists? Can you make a list of all the meaningful stuff you did, all the times you played megablocks, the times you let yourself be interrupted to have a conversation with a neighbor, the nights you spend working for the family instead of goofing off…I look at all that and say, “Ta-da! Look what I did!” Cheer yourself on! Give yourself a little pat on the back for those small choices; they add up to glory.

Happy weekend. 🙂

Friday Funny

So a gal who babysits for us wanted a friend to pick her up from my house, and the friend doesn't know where we live. So she asked me to call and give her directions. No problem. The name in the phone is "Rachlel," and I call and start jibberjabbering away in Kreyol, and I'm three turns into the directions…and then I realize this person has a non-native accent in Kreyol. "Wait, do you speak English?"

Yeah, she was an expat. I even knew she'd worked for an expat named Rachel, and I still didn't put it together. Sigh.