Who’s your everything?

man and woman kissing

Photo by Michael Morse on Pexels.com

“I had placed my husband on a pedestal where he never belonged, a pedestal that required perfection. Though my husband is called to be like Jesus, he isn’t Jesus. I can’t look to my husband for everything, my everything is Jesus and he supplies my every need in himself.”

Confusing Christ-likeness with Christ

This article is about dating relationships, but I think there’s a lot to consider here. Do we expect our husbands to be immediately fit for a role they’re still learning? Are we expecting perfection instead of progress? And think about his role as a father–do things always have to be your way, or does he get to have a “way,” too? Are you giving him space to work out his role in the household, or correcting/discouraging/nitpicking him?

Happy Monday, mamas.


Keeping Your Covenant Book


This might be an interesting resource to look at–it’s a group of lessons on marriage from FamilyLife, which is part of Cru now. (Remember when it was Campus Crusade? I do. I’m old.) It’s already translated into twelve languages. Some of it’s a bit cultural (looking at pictures in a wedding album…), but I think it’s got some good foundations, some good questions for couples to think through together.

Bonus points if you go through the English version with your man!

You’ve got this, mamas.