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MMM Podcast Episode 1: Ministry’s Changing Seasons with Liz Schandorff, Haiti

It’s time, mamas. You’ve been patient. Six of you asked for it, and boy, have we answered. Here’s how to listen:

-Right in this post! Just click play. You can also download it from here. (Amazing, eh? I know your internet stinks, mamas; I’ve got your back.)

-On Soundcloud. They have a nice app for your phone and if you add to a playlist or a station, you’ll always see when a new one’s posted (I think). And please, if you like it, hit like and share it! Let’s spread the word.

Note: I’m not seeing a way to download it from the app…weird. Sorry.


Podcast teaser…

Modern Missionary Mamas Podcast artwork.png

Get ready, people. This is coming at you on Monday. I’m, like, 90% sure you’re going to *love* it. I’m so excited to share it with you!


Podcast update


So of all my readers, about six of you responded that you’d listen to a Missionary Mamas podcast. Needless to say, that was an underwhelming response.

That’s when I realized that I actually don’t care how big the audience is; I want to do this. I know there will be some who will benefit more from this format, maybe who haven’t even found this site yet. I probably won’t record with any regularity, but hopefully, it’s an encouragement nevertheless.

So the podcast you didn’t want will be coming soon: I’ve lined up my first guest, and we’re recording on Wednesday! She’s a woman who’s near and dear to my heart, and I know you’ll love hearing from her.

Stay tuned!

It’s a radio joke.


Top 5 Podcasts for Homeschoolers of Children with Special Needs | Educents

This could be a great resource for those trying to help their child’s teacher learn to accommodate them better. Be a kind advocate for what your kid needs, even if he’s the exception. He deserves it. 

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