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How to Prepare Missionary Kids for Furlough or Home Assignment

Man, this article had a ton of resources. I’d probably take me a  week and read through them all. (Possibly, I am Netflixdistracted.) 

One thing we’ve done for our kids when they’re little is a paper chain. It makes it a little more concrete, instead of them waking up every day wondering if today’s the day we fly out. I’ve also written the fun things we’d like to do in the U.S. on the links, and we talk about them when we tear them off. That gives them a better idea of what to look forward to. 

Happy weekend, mamas! 

5 Things I Learned While Raising Kids Overseas

This spoke encouragement to my heart, especially the part about kids leaving home. I’m not nearly to that part yet, but I’ve seen how hard it is on friends. God is faithful, mamas! 

Third Culture Kids and Therapy

This is the results of a survey, but I think her summary at the end is very valuable. The mission field is tough; we should feel no shame if we need a little extra help processing it all. And that goes for our kids, too!

Have you taken your kids to a counselor? Was it a positive experience?

Don’t miss the links at the bottom to groups that specialize in working with TCK’s! Skype counseling, mamas; it’s a thing.

Six Permissions Most MK’s Need

The last one was “permission to redefine significance,” and it really surprised me. It’d never occurred to me that my kids might feel pressure from within to be a missionary due to all the praise our ministry gets from others.

Did any of them surprise you? Did you disagree with any?

Happy Monday, mamas!


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