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Live the Life

Live the Life

I love this mama’s transparency; yes, comparison is the biggest mistake we don’t realize we’re making!



Supporting the family you left behind

Photo by Adam Sherez on Unsplash

One of the things that came out of a trip to our organizational headquarters last year was a sense that we could be doing more for parents/family of missionaries. This isn’t a calling they chose, like we did. This is a sacrifice they’re making, this is dreams that aren’t coming true, having us far away. It’s not how they pictured birthdays and holidays, right? And it’s especially not easy, when the church body tends to lean toward “aren’t we so thrilled for them?” instead of being willing to genuinely walk beside them, even when they’re not happy we’re overseas. Maybe especially then.

So I made a thing that you can give your church body, to help start the conversation about how to better support the part of your family you’re leaving behind. Feel free to distribute it far and wide! Let me know what you think of it: good or bad, I’m open to suggestions.

Love you, mamas.

Supporting the Stateside Family of Missionaries

Learning Faithfulness When My Missionary Story Went South

I love this mama’s transparency. It’s so easy to focused on our own agenda and forget that God’s writing their story.


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